Day 4

From LA to the Bay

Noontime on a Saturday and we dare the 5 freeway...

Anyone that lives in LA, has been to LA, or even heard the term LA knows this is a mistake, but who are we to back down from a challenge? Obviously we lost and hopped off the 5 after about 7 miles.

After a bit of a slow go over the grapevine it was clear sailing up to San Francisco. We stopped about halfway because when you see an In-N-Out in the middle of nowhere it's only natural to stop and partake.

Took it easy once we got to SF as Tandy was indisposed for the evening.

Giants game tomorrow.


  • Date: Saturday, 10 June 2006
  • Start: Fullerton, CA
  • End: San Francisco, CA
  • Miles: 424 | Total: 1,241
  • Stayed: Tandy Moriarty's Apartment
  • States: California

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