Day 5

Giants and the Haight Street Fair

We hopped on the Muni about noon time headed down to the ballpark with Tandy and Casey. They jumped off early as they made their way to the Haight Street Fair while we continued on to the ballpark for the Giants vs. Pirates game.

The muni let us off right across from the main gate at AT & T and thanks to Tandy getting his fathers tickets we were able to walk through the private Field Club entrance. After going through the turnstile you enter a large concessions area with marble floors and some upscale concessions options. As you continue along you go under the main grandstand and into the tunnell that the players actually use to go from the dugout to the clubhouse. Pretty cool as you get to see the players up close and personal.

Our seats were amazing, three rows behind the vistors dugout.

Giants ace Jason Schmidt was matched up against Pirates youngster Paul Maholm. Both got off to good starts, but eventually saw their pitch counts rise and get touched up a little bit. Ray Durham led off the 2nd with a shot that stayed just fair. The Pirates put up runs in the 4th and 5th before the Giants put up 3 in the 6th and 1 in the 7th. Moises Alou made a great diving catch in the OF and added a shot to left-center on Moises Alou bobblehead day. The wheels came off in the 8th though as the Pirates put up a 5 spot powered by a Jose Bautista Grand Slam. That was all the Bucs needed as they took the game 7-5.

We are now officially Kyrptonite on a stick to the home teams as they fell to an 0-3 record in games we have attended.

Dan got two more balls today. The first from Pirates 2nd baseman Jose Castillo as he was running in after recording the last out of the 1st inning and the other from ex-Padre Oliver Perez in the 8th as we kept yelling at him while he was standing on the top step. Other highlights of the game were the great seats, the in seat food service (how often are we ever going to have the chance to do that? It had to happen), and defintely the guys sitting behind us. Most of the crowd around us were the stereotypical yuppie Giants fans, but the guys behind us were owning the entire day, especially the guy that was all over Pirates first base coach (and ex-Dodger) John Shelby. Unfourtunately Shelby Fan couldn't sustain his pace and passed out from the 6th to the 8th inning (as can be seen in the gallery). Even when he came to he didn't have enough energy to make an impact, but still gave intermittent Shelby call outs.

Post game we got back on the Muni and met the boys down on Haight Street for the fair. Quite a freakshow, but the place was packed and the police turn a blind eye to drinking on the street. The fair started to wind down around 6pm so we kept it rolling by going to the Blackthorn, a local Irish bar. Things got a little crazy from there, there was some dancing, and it made for a long night. Good times.


  • Date: Sunday, 11 June 2006
  • Game: Pirates at Giants, 1:05pm
  • Ballpark: AT&T Park (88)
  • Start: San Francisco, CA
  • End: San Francisco, CA
  • Miles: 0 | Total: 1,241
  • Stayed: Tandy Moriarty's Apartment
  • States: California

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