Day 6

Takin' It Easy in SF

Rough start today, feeling the effects of last night. Woke up to the US being down 2-0 in their first World Cup game. We sat around Tandy's apartment most of the day watching college baseball.

Finally dragged ourselves out at about 5pm and headed down to the Fisherman's Wharf area to do some tourist stuff. Ate some food, walked around, saw a bunch of foreigners.

All in all a slow day, but got a big day planned tomorrow. Take the ballpark tour at AT & T, get over to Alcatraz, and hit the A's vs. Mariners game in Oakland. Got a matchup of control specialist in Blanton vs. Moyer, should be interesting.


  • Date: Monday, 12 June 2006
  • Start: San Francisco, CA
  • End: San Francisco, CA
  • Miles: 0 | Total: 1,241
  • Stayed: Tandy Moriarty's Apartment
  • States: California

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