Day 9

The Gig & T-Town

After a light morning rain the sun came out and made for as good a day as you can ask for on the Puget Sound.

My friend Casey grew up here in Gig Harbor and timed his yearly summer trip home in conjunction with our visit. We drove around Gig Harbor most of the morning re-living his childhood and seeing all the Gig Harbor hotspots. We stopped by the high school where his mom works, the fishing boat he spent a summer fishing on up in Alaska, and had lunch at the Hi-Yu-Hee-Hee.

In the afternoon we joined his father and brother and headed out to the beach to watch them hunt for Geoducks. These creatures live in the sand and shoot water up as they extend their necks. I had never heard of them, but watching the guys catch these things was pretty interesting. I still don't understand the exact science of finding them, but I know it involves a big trash can looking contraption that is shoved into the beach and then you dig to remove the soil until the Geoduck is exposed and you can yank it up with your hand. Apparently you cook and eat it much the same way you would eat a clam.

After the hunt, we headed into Tacoma and hung out with Travis, another friend from college, and his brother before making our way to the Tacoma Rainiers game. Jocelyn at the Rainiers was nice enough to comp us tickets which was much appreciated. We took advantage of it $1 Beer/Hot Dog night. Unfortunately the beer garden does not over look the field and you are not allowed to leave the beer garden with your $1 beverage, so I didn't see much of the game until the 5th inning when the Rainiers hung a 7 spot on the scoreboard. We left before the fireworks show, but we heard it was good.


  • Date: Thursday, 15 June 2006
  • Start: Gig Harbor, WA
  • End: Gig Harbor, WA
  • Miles: 50 | Total: 2,110
  • Stayed: The Sand Residence
  • States: Washington

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