Day 16


After watching the US National Team finish out the World Cup in dissapointing fashion we loaded up and headed out of Omaha on our way to the Twin Cities.

The drives are becoming more and more routine. Today we went almost 400 miles and considered it an easy day. After quickly exiting Nebraska we rolled through Iowa, making our one stop in Clear Lake, IA.

Clear Lake might be known for something else, but I associate it with the "Day The Music Died." Clear Lake was where Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper played their final show before boarding the plane that would eventually crash and kill all the passengers. We got gas without incident.

Caught some traffic as we neared the Twin Cities due to a car that had flipped over. We got passed that and headed towards the airport to pick up Jen, who will be with us for about a week. We have the trip mapped out, we have the GPS, we're about as prepared as you can be, but we've still been living in a constant state of being lost ever since we left Southern California. This isn't about to change anytime soon, so we're dealing with it, but it's not fun. Airports make this feeling even worse.

Once we collected Jen we headed over to our Aunt Melli's house, which also caused us to get lost. We finally found the place after doubling back a couple times then headed out to dinner. We spent the rest of the evening catching up with her and watching TV.

Twins vs. Cubs, Johan Santana vs. Mark Prior, tomorrow.


  • Date: Thursday, 22 June 2006
  • Start: Omaha, NE
  • End: Bloomington, MN
  • Miles: 372 | Total: 4,626
  • Stayed: Aunt Melli's House
  • States: Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota

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