Day 17


We (see I) gave into Jen and headed to the Mall of America after unsuccessfuly trying to find a batting cage in Eagan, MN. We both hate Malls in general and this one was no different. It was bigger, but still no different. If you feel the need to visit two of the same store within the same building then this is the place for you, hence it is not the place for us.

We had an early dinner with Melli & Greg at Applebee's and then headed down to the Metrodome. Melli was good enough to buy us tickets which we picked up at Will Call and headed in. Then came the disappointment.

The Twins crowd control policy can only be described as amateurish. If you don't have a lower level ticket you are not even allowed downstairs. They make you enter at a seperate gate and have ushers stationed at every stairwell to make sure that none of the commoners make it downstairs. Basically we showed up two hours before the game for nothing. A lap around the upper deck did nothing to calm us down, we were hot. After the usher at the nearest stairwell saw right through us we gave up and took our seats, disapointed and angry. Every other team in the majors seems to be able to get people back to their assigned seat after batting practice, but I guess our friends in the land of lakes find it easier to deny their fans this unless they buy an overpriced lower level ticket (another problem is that there aren't any good seats at the dome, yet every seat is still overpriced, another stroke of genius).

Mark Prior was scheduled to start for the Cubs, but was pushed back to Saturday. We were still excited to see Johan Santana pitch and he did not disappoint. After giving up an early home run to former Titan/Padre Phil Nevin, he was absolutely dominant, pitching into the 8th while striking out 6 and scattering a couple hits. The Twins were scoring runs at will on Cubs starter Carlos Marmol in the 7-1 victory.

Getting out of the downtown area was a nightmare. I can't imagine it after a Vikings game cause even the 33K plus was enough trouble.

We still had a pretty good time through all the adversity. The Twins are Jen's favorite team not in Arizona, so it was cool that she got to see them at home.

Field of Dreams tomorrow.


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