Day 19

A KC Kinda Day

As we woke up to a fabulous breakfast being cooked, I knew it was going to be a good day. We got a nice home cooked meal for the first time since leaving, and it was well needed. Biscuits, gravy, sausage, hash browns, and scrambled eggs, it was the works. It was all delicious and set the pace for a day that would continue to get better.

As we arrived at Kauffman Stadium/Arrowhead Stadium (aka Truman Sports Complex) we realized how close the two stood to each other, separated by only 200 yards. As we entered Kauffman they were handing out old Kansas City Monarchs hats to the first 20,000 fans, good thing we got there early, although they game only saw about 15,000 fans. The seats were awesome once again, as we were given tickets from one of my dad's corporate officials, Lenny Hines. They were about 15 rows up and even with the first base bag.

We soon realized when we were at the game that it was a salute to the Negro Leagues and the Royals would be wearing the old Monarchs uniforms. The Brewers also threw it back and came out wearing their 1923 Milwaukee Bears uniforms. It was a good twist for us to see the throwbacks in there and we enjoyed it.

Once again we saw a great pitching outing, this time by Mark Redman. He went seven shutout innings, and the Royals continued on to get there second shut out of the season, winning 6-0. We also qualified for a free dozen doughnuts because the Royals knocked out a dozen hits, finishing with 13.

Kauffman may be an old stadium but we enjoyed it nonetheless. The fountains in the outfield were awesome, the seats were great, and the scoreboard was different to look at, in a good way. All in all, the Kansas City experience was much better than expected. Big thanks to Carol and Cassie for their incredible hospitality and making us feel more than welcome in their home. We couldn't have asked for better hosts. Another big thanks to Mr. Lenny Hines for the great tickets he provided us with, we appreciate all the help.

My Uncle & Ty's Dad Jim was waiting for us in the hotel room as we rolled into St. Louis. He will be joining up through Milwaukee.


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