Day 20

From the Lou and I'm Proud

We got of to a bit of a late start today, enjoying a little more rest than normal because there was a night game. When we got up and around we went down to Busch Stadium to catch the stadium tour. Lucky for us there was an unannounced 11:30 tour that we were right on time for. The tour was awesome and it was great to see behind-the-scenes on this brand new ballpark that is still not completed. Great job by our tour guide Steve.

After the tour we headed to the world famous Gateway Arch, which, if you have not seen it, is a big arch. It stands 630 feet tall and is the fourth most visited tourist attraction in the world. It is an amazing site to see up close. We however did not ride the tram that takes you to the top of the arch because the wait was upwards of 2 hours. After viewing the masterpiece, we headed down to the historic riverfront landing for lunch.

We waited around for the gates to open, where there was a surprisingly large crowd gathered. We caught batting practice and saw the games best player get silly. At one point Albert Pujols hit every single pitch he saw out of the park, 6 or 7 in a row. The stands were packed for batting practice and neither team disappointed the fans, as there were plenty of balls flying out of the park. We had standing room only seats so we walked around the park until we found a good place to stand for the first few innings.

Standing in right field just inside the foul pole, we had an awesome view of the game. We watched from that point for about four innings, then walked around the park for the rest of the game. There weren't any great pitching performances like we had been used to, instead we saw the bats come alive seeing the Indians hit 4 home runs, including two from Travis Hafner that were absolutely kissed. Grady Sizemore and Todd Hollandsworth joined in on the fun with homeruns of their own. Busch Stadium 3 was a great place to watch a ball game and the fans in St. Louis are amazing. The Indians won 10-3 and once again there was a sell out crowd on hand with just under 47,000. It was great experience that we all enjoyed.

We are on our way to Wrigleyville!


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