Day 21


St. Louis to Chicago was the plan for the day so we packed up early to get to Wrigley in enough time to snag the best bleacher seats we could find. We headed out of St. Louis just before 9 am and the trip up to Chicago would take just about 4 ½ hours, hitting some slight traffic as we entered the city as expected. With the freeway blocked off we took an easy detour route that lead us right to where we wanted to go, Leon's barbeque, which was suggested to us by a Cubs fan we met in Colorado. His advice was great and so was the food.

After lunch we hopped on the L and headed down to the stadium, which is pretty much the only way to go to Wrigley (what little parking there is, is way over-priced, not to mention trying to get out of there after a game is a nightmare waiting to happen). We got to the field right around 3 to ensure that we had solid seats in the bleachers. We took turns waiting in line as the others walked around Wrigleyville and the historic ballpark. There were street vendors set up on every corner trying to move their Cubs gear well before game time.

As the gates opened two hours before game time we were fourth in line to get to the bleachers. We got the exact seats we wanted and we were sitting in the first row of the bleachers at Wrigley Field, a dream come true. Batting practice was entertaining and we end up getting 3 balls between the 4 of us. I should have had a fourth but I got taught a lesson by a 50 year old man wearing a glove when Prince Fielder sent one up into the stands. The atmosphere and nostalgia at this place are one of a kind.

The game started slowly, but there was still great intensity out in the bleachers as Cub fans wanted a win in the worst way, especially against the hated Brew Crew from Milwaukee. It was back and forth for most of the game with Carlos Lee getting the scoring started with a solo shot. Carlos Zambrano belted his second home run of the season to the porch in right to give himself some much needed support (and later singled from the left side of the plate, a switch hitting pitcher getting a hit from each side in the same game, pretty rare). Then Aramis Ramirez tied it up with a solo shot of his own in the 8th much to the delight of what had been sour Cub fans. The Cubbies added one more to take a lead into the ninth, only to have an appalling top half of the 9th and give the game away. Cub's fans have seen just about everything this year, and this one was bad.

The history of Wrigley Field pulses through every seat as you sit there watching a game. Even if the team is not what it has once been, it is still an amazing place to take in a ball game.


  • Date: Tuesday, 27 June 2006
  • Game: Brewers at Cubs, 7:05pm
  • Ballpark: Wrigley Field (87.5)
  • Start: St. Louis, MO
  • End: Portage, IN
  • Miles: 367 | Total: 6,037
  • Stayed: Comfort Inn Portage
  • States: Missouri, Illinois, Indiana

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