Day 25

Look at All Those Bats

The tour at the Louisville Slugger factory cost $10 and is only about 25 minutes long, but you get to walk through the actual factory floor that all their professional bats are made. And they give you a mini-bat. But the best part of the whole thing is the museum after the tour.

There are tons of exhibits talking about the origins of the Louisville Slugger brand, the famous ball players that have used the bats, and the evolution of the products. It was pretty cool to see how far these bats have come and get to pick up some of the bats from the past. Honus Wagner swung a piece of Timber that weighed over 38 ounces. Babe Ruth used to put notches above the Louisville Slugger logo for the home runs he hit with each bat. Ken Griffey Jr. has his bats coated twice because he doesn't like to see the grain in the wood, thinks it's a visual distraction.

One of the coolest things is the Signature Wall in the front lobby that has over 8,000 ballplayers signatures, just like the ones they put on the bats. The Hall of Famers are displayed in a special section with gold lettering on a black background while the others are on a wood background with black lettering. Also displayed is the year in which the player signed with the company. Like the Field of Dreams, the Slugger factory was out of our way, but well worth the drive.

After having lunch we dropped Jen off at the Louisville airport so she could fly home and return to reality. Big thanks for coming along and making the trip that much better. We'll miss you laughing at our jokes and asking us if hotel room keys are actually Papa John's gift cards. Glad you could make it.

Trip to South Bend was slow and uneventful. Tomorrow we're going to the College Football Hall of Fame then heading out to the South Bend Silverhawks game. We're supposed to be on the jumbotron before the game. Should be cool.


  • Date: Saturday, 01 July 2006
  • Start: Erlanger, KY
  • End: South Bend, IN
  • Miles: 375 | Total: 7,251
  • Stayed: South Bend EconoLodge
  • States: Kentucky, Indiana

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