Day 27

The South Side

The day started off with some much needed laundry time. We headed to a Laundromat in South Bend and got a couple loads of laundry knocked out as it was the only free time we would have for the next week or so. From there we headed towards Chicago, catching some slight showers on our way, which brought some doubts about the game being played. However, we kept superstition and didn't talk about that happening.

As we pulled into Chicago, Ty and I decided to take the train into the city so I could actually get a feel for it. The day turned out to be beautiful, maybe even a little warm, a great change from what we thought we were going to get. We stopped off at one of Ty's favorite places in the city, the White Hen, and grabbed some deli sandwiches for lunch. They didn't disappoint. After we finished eating we decided to take a stroll down Michigan Ave. known as the "Magnificent Mile" for all of the stores that line the street on both sides. After what seemed like 2 miles we had arrived at the Hancock Center where we decided to head up to the 95th floor observatory, 1,000 feet up. The view was incredible and it is said on a clear day that 4 states can be seen.

We walked back to the L where we jumped on headed back towards U.S. Cellular Field for the White Sox game. The game was sold out and there was a large crowd waiting for the gates to open an hour and a half before game time. Instead of fighting the crowd, we decided to hang out in the car which Jim had parked in the very first row right outside the entrance gate. We headed into the game right in time to catch the National Anthem and starting lineups.

The game didn't have very much excitement early. The only run in the first four innings came on a home run from Jermaine Dye. After that things started going wrong for the White Sox as they committed 3 errors in the 5th giving the Orioles a nice lead, which they never relinquished. Miguel Tejada and Corey Patterson both hit solo home runs in the 6th and the White Sox only managed 2 hits, both by Dye, off starter Erik Bedard, who was masterful.

We got a nice message on the scoreboard in the top of the 4th from my sister. The website address looked good up on the big board.

We once again dodged the brunt of traffic by skipping the fireworks show and heading straight out. Got up to Milwaukee, about an hour and a half away, to cut out the drive tomorrow.

Independence Day in Milwaukee, an All-American city, we are looking forward to it. Jim will leave us tomorrow after the game and we have enjoyed his company on this stretch of trip. Back down to two until we get to Baltimore.


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