Day 29

Rock and Roll

With a short drive and not too much to do before game time in Cleveland, we took our time getting up and around. At this point in the trip, a little extra rest goes a long way. So we left from South Bend around 11 and hit up a Best Buy near town to replace the power adapter for the car that converts the cigarette lighter to a normal plug. After that it was clear sailing to Cleveland. With no traffic and no need to stop for gas we made it there easy in about 4 hours.

Once in Cleveland we drove down by the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and checked it out from outside. Right across the way is Browns Stadium, the home of the Cleveland Browns, so we gave that a drive by as well. It was a great day in Cleveland with temperatures not reaching anymore than 72 degrees. We have been blessed with great weather throughout the entire trip, let's keep it rolling.

With the Yankees in town there were a large amount of people there for batting practice and they even opened the gates half an hour early to accommodate the big crowd. Too bad not many people showed up after batting practice as the attendance was surprisingly slim for the Yanks being in town. We had decent seats in right field about 20 rows up from the visitor's bullpen.

Once the game started it was bad news for the Tribe. One day after embarrassing the New Yorkers 19-1, they themselves were blown out 11-3 and didn't put up much of a fight. The only positives for the Indians on this day were a solo shot from Todd Hollandsworth (who has homered in all 3 Indians games we have seen) and a two run blast from Ben Broussard. Aaron Boone committed three errors on the day, the first leading to a grand slam by Melky Cabrera, which started off an 8 run 4th inning for the Yankees. That was pretty much all they needed.

On to New York tomorrow.


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