Day 30

Big Apple

We stayed in Streetsboro, Ohio last night after the game, which is about 30 minutes outside of Cleveland. Started Thursday at 9:30 with a delightful breakfast and got on our way to New Jersey. The drive took just 7 hours as we ran into a bunch of road work throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Luckily we still rolled into Jersey right before rush hour, avoiding as much traffic as possible. We went to Ty's friend Greg's house in Union City where we would be bunking up for the night.

From there we hopped on the bus and headed into New York City where we would catch the 7 train to Shea Stadium. It took about an hour for us to go 10 miles into the city. My first evaluation of the biggest city in America is that everybody is in such a hurry. It seemed like there was no time to waste at all. As we got to the subway station it was all a blur. People were moving extremely fast, must have important things to do. In total it took about an hour and a half to get to the stadium, much better than trying to drive anywhere in the city.

We were both pumped to see this young and very talented Mets team. However Ty was quite disappointed to find one of his favorite players Carlos Beltran on the pine for the game. The youngsters didn't upset. David Wright hit a shot and Jose Reyes stole 3 bags and got 2 hits. It was the first time in 3 games the Pirates have lost when we have seen them. Ty's other friend Chad (aka "Foof") happened to be at the game as well and he came up from his press box seats to hang out with us for a few innings. The play on the field and friends in the stands with us made Shea Stadium a much better experience than expected. Thank goodness the Mets are getting a new park.


  • Date: Thursday, 06 July 2006
  • Game: Pirates at Mets, 7:10pm
  • Ballpark: Shea Stadium (48)
  • Start: Streetsboro, OH
  • End: Union City, NJ
  • Miles: 400 | Total: 8,362
  • Stayed: Greg Magnus' House
  • States: Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York

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