Day 37

Home Runs and Crabcakes

We were supposed to pick up my sister and brother in Baltimore, but their flight was delayed which caused them to miss their connecting flight in Las Vegas that would take them to Baltimore. Fortunately they got a fight to Washington D.C. which was closer to Springfield, Virginia where we happened to be staying. So in the end it worked out much better and everybody got there safely. We headed up to Baltimore which was about an hour and a half from where we were staying.

We took the stadium tour in sweltering heat and humidity and 10 minutes after the tour started it was pouring rain. Weather on the East Coast could do some damage to some Southern Californians. As one man quoted to me after I complained and told him I was from San Diego, "This place isn't for whimps." We then walked around the ballpark and went down to the Babe Ruth museum. It was the most entertaining walk we have ever been on and along the way we saw the single greatest thing you could possibly imagine. Two grown men were together on a mo-ped/scooter. So I took a picture and it was an instant hit with everybody that has seen it. My sister was also called a hooker by a woman that "wanted a piece of that" and a lady used the "He hate me cause I'm homeless and he's a woman hater" defense after the owner of the gas station thwarted her attempt to steal a box of donuts.

The game was awesome if you are a fan of the long ball the Rangers hit 6 bombs headlined by Mark Teixiera who had 3 by himself. It was our first 3 homerun game and most likely the last. Baltimore never really showed up and it showed by the end of the game as the Rangers ran away with this one 15-1. It was great to have my sister and brother in and we are glad to have them with us for the week.

On to what should be the greatest day of our lives in Boston, get ready Nan and Dave.


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