Day 39

On the Road to Rochester

The 7 hour drive from Boston to Rochester wouldn't be bad if we had got some sleep the night before, but since we didn't, it sucked. The other thing that really sucks is the Toll Road system. I hate 'em. They pinched us for about $15 total.

We drove straight to the hotel, dropped off our bags and then headed to Frontier Field to see the Rochester Red Wings (Twins AAA) take on the Ottawa Lynx (Orioles AAA). My buddy Ginsberg grew up in the Rochester area and was employed by the Red Wings for a couple years, so he put in the good word for us and we were comped four tickets right behind home plate. Thanks Ginsy and whoever assisted at the Red Wings.

Frontier Field is a pretty nice park and has an exceptional array of food options. The options are too numerous to mention them all in this space. I settled in on the "Louisville Slugger" which is the biggest hot dog I've ever seen in my life. Nan got an Awesome Blossom style onion with dip, Dave had a meatball sub, and Dan got a BBQ Chicken Sandwich. Everything was great. We wish we had another Red Wings game on the schedule to check out the rest of the items.

The Wings were also trying to set a Worlds Record for the most people in disguise, so they handed out Groucho Marx Nose/Glasses combos to everyone that wanted one. During the 3rd inning they started the countdown and everyone that had a nose put it on for 10 minutes to set the record. This idea was completely ridiculous so of course Nan and I jumped in with both feet to be apart of history. The mustache was itchy and got in the way of using your mouth for just about anything, but we made it happen in the name of infamy.

We all had a great time at the game and made it back to the hotel in time to watch the Padres game on TBS. Niagara Falls and the Blue Jays tomorrow.


  • Date: Saturday, 15 July 2006
  • Start: Boston, MA
  • End: Rochester, NY
  • Miles: 422 | Total: 9,595
  • Stayed: Rochester Comfort Inn
  • States: Massachusetts, New York

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