Day 40

Canadian Disaster

Today was pretty much a disaster.

We got to Niagara Falls fine, we got to Toronto fine, we got to the game fine, and everything after that sucked. Well that's not exactly true, because the game kinda sucked as well.

The temperature was 34 degrees Celsius, which translates to about 96 degrees in America. The roof was opening as we got to our seats and left no shelter from the sun. Pretty much every seat is sun drenched when the roof is open. We got tickets in the upper level for $9 Canadian and like the Twins and White Sox, they treat their upper deck customers as 2nd class citizens. We were not allowed to enter the lower area of the Stadium at all.

The best thing the Rogers Centre has going for it is the arctic cold water in the bathrooms. We're talking freezing here. Not cool or cold, but freezing. After toughing it out for a couple innings we all started making regular runs to the drinking fountain to replenish the water supply or the bathroom to drench ourselves in freezing water.

The Jays had this one in the bag until BJ Ryan came in for the 9th and blew the save, sending the game to extra innings. A development that caused us at least one extra trip to the bathroom sink a piece. Normally we're fans of the bonus baseball, but a sweltering day in Canada is enough to break even the truest of baseball fans.

Postgame, we came back to the car to find that the back passenger side window had been shattered. My backpack, ipod, and everything was in tack so we thought maybe someone was throwing a ball around and hit it, but that was too good to be true. Upon closer inspection we found that Dan's backpack had been jacked. We found it about 5 car lengths down, sans laptop, iPod, and everything but the Benadryll. We've been to the South Side of Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, and the Bronx... and we get robbed in Canada. Don't believe the hype people, there are scumbags north of the border as well.

We filed a police report with the Toronto PD and got out of Canada as fast as possible. The extra innings and the theft put us about two hours behind schedule. Hopefully we'll get to our destination of Syracuse around 10pm and be able to figure out what to do about the Window tomorrow morning.

Cooperstown and a a new window tomorrow.


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