Day 41

The Hall

We couldn't get the window fixed today, hopefully tomorrow.

Syracuse to Cooperstown is only a 2 hour drive. We arrived a little before noon time and parked next to the batting cage at Doubleday Field. With the cage being right there we couldn't resist getting the bats out and taking some cuts.

Post-batting cage we walked down Main St. Cooperstown to the Hall of Fame. The streets of Cooperstown are lined with memorabilia shops all of which seem to carry the same items.

The Hall itself is amazing, definitely a must see for all baseball fans. All the exhibits are interesting and insightful. We took a ton of pictures before even getting into the hall where the plaques are displayed.

The Hall also features activities & presentations throughout the day. We went to the Cooperstown Squares show, which is like Hollywood Squares, but with baseball questions. Dan was chosen to play and got teamed up with a guy from Shreveport, LA who was wearing a pink shirt. The combination of his shirt with Dan's yellow UCI Baseball shirt made it look like a box of pastels had exploded on the stage. The inferior competition was no match for the pastel boys. Dan was given a print of Reggie Jackson for his efforts.

The hall where the plaques are displayed is a pretty awe inspiring place. At the end of the hall is a half rotunda under which the original class' plaques are displayed. They are flanked by the most recent classes as the older plaques line the hallway. Every plaque is worth reading. We all really liked the plaques of those that served in the military which are adorned with a badge displaying their branch and dates of service.

We left the hall and headed to Albany for the night. After tossing the ball around for a while in 90% humidity and with our room not being cool enough for our liking we headed to the movies and saw "Me, You, & Dupree". Pretty funny. Great one liners.

Yankee Stadium tomorrow.


  • Date: Monday, 17 July 2006
  • Start: Syracuse, NY
  • End: Albany, NY
  • Miles: 186 | Total: 10,184
  • Stayed: Super 8 Albany
  • States: New York

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