Day 42

The House that Ruth Built

The glass guys showed up to our hotel around 10am. It only took them about 20 minutes to remove the old glass and place the new one on and we were out $330. Not a bad deal for them.

The glass guys left and we loaded up for the trip to the city. We headed straight for the Bronx and found a lot near the stadium to park in. The 4 Train stops right next to the ballpark so we jumped on that and headed down to Times Square. With not enough time to really explore the city we posted up at the ESPN Zone and got out of the heat.

We got back to the Stadium around 5:30 and headed to the Yankee Offices to pick up the tickets that were left for us by the Yankees Associate General Counsel Allan Chang. Allan is a friend of my buddy Chad and was nice enough to hook us up with some tickets. He also accompanied us out to Monument Park and took some great pictures. Thanks Allan.

As gametime neared we did our best to stay cool in the sweltering heat and humidity. Chad arrived just before the game started. We watched as Sidney Ponson's Yankee career got off to a rough start thanks to his inability to throw a strike and Richie Sexson's penchant for hitting baseballs a long way. Ponson would eventually settle down though and only surrender one run after the first inning.

Arod was not in the starting lineup because of a toe-injury the night before, but was forced into action as the Yanks were down 4-2 in the 7th. The home fans came alive and gave him a standing O after booing him off the field the night before. Alex couldn't get the job done though and was quickly booed back into the dugout. I'm not a big fan of the guy, but it's almost comical the way he is treated by the Bronx faithful. The guy's got 20 bombs, is hitting .280, has a bunch of ribbies, and isn't living up to expectations.

The rain started coming down in the 9th as the Yanks bats came alive to tie the ballgame at 4 a side. With a man on base Arod once again took his place in the batters box and a chance to win the game. He ran the count to 3-1 when the first base umpire stopped the game. The timing seemed strange as it was the middle of an at bat and the most crucial point of the game, but he stopped it and we entered a rain delay that would last over 90 minutes. During the delay we headed from our seats in the Loge lever down to the field boxes where Dan and DeAnna had been visiting with DeAnna's friend Jess, who lives in New York.

With the long layoff the Mariners were forced to replace pitcher JJ Putz with Julio Mateo, who quickly retired Arod. This sent us into our second consecutive Bonus Baseball situation. The Yanks had gone for broke the inning before the delay and emptied the bench in hopes of finding the right matchup. When they came back on the field they had to play usual first baseman Andy Phillips at second base and everyday center fielder Johnny Damon at first base. Both looked a little uncomfortable, but the 10th inning passed without consequence.

The Mariners went down quickly in the top of the 11th, before Melky Cabrera stepped up to the plate for the Yankees and banged the game winning home run to right field. A great ending. Melky also hit a grand slam when we saw the Yankees in Cleveland.

Everyone was pretty tired by the end of the game, so we quickly said our good-byes and headed for the hotel near JFK airport. We got lost for a bit (my fault again) and when we arrived they had given away our room with two beds and left us with only a king size bed. This didn't make anyone happy, but we didn't have any other options so we just made the best of it.


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