Day 43


We got up late today after getting to bed around 3am. The late check out was huge as we lounged around in the room until 2pm before dropping DeAnna and Dave off at the airport.

The original plan was to get up, go up to the golf club that Chad works at, have some lunch, then head to the Yankees 1pm game. That was all shot out of the water. We didn't even feel like dealing with the city so we decided to start driving south. With Virginia about 4 hours away and our cousin living there it made sense to stop there for the night. The drive to Durham is cut in half and we got a day to rest up for the remainder of the trip.

Both of us are going to miss having Nan & Dave with us. They made the trip a lot more fun. Love you guys.


  • Date: Wednesday, 19 July 2006
  • Start: New York, NY
  • End: Springfield, VA
  • Miles: 321 | Total: 10,660
  • Stayed: The Hudson's House
  • States: New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virgina

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