Day 46

Baseball in a Football Stadium

We started the drive from the Daytona area to Miami just after 9am. The four hour drive was good except for the fact that they got us for a couple tolls. Still hate the tolls, but still love the toll plazas. I love a food court attached to a gas station.

As we pulled into northern Miami we encountered a horrible rain storm. We could see it starting to brew up ahead of us, but couldn't get to the hotel in time to avoid it. The rain was coming down in buckets and we (along with everyone else on the road) were cruising along the streets at 25mph with the hazards on. We did this for about 20 minutes before finding the Jiffy Lube we were looking for. After a quick oil change we headed back out in to much nicer weather (just a slight drizzle).

Matt Britten over at the Marlins was nice enough to secure us a room at the hotel near the ballpark. It was greatly appreciated as lodging has been our second biggest cost, behind gas. With the rain still coming down we had to miss out on Matt's offer of going on the field for BP. We used the downtime to catch a quick nap before heading to the yard.

Matt also hooked us up with tickets even with Miguel Cabrera and third base. Ricky Nolasco pitched a gem against the hapless Pirates and the Marlins went on to win 5-0. For only the second time on the trip we didn't see a homerun.

Dolphins Stadium was a lot better than we had expected. It's obviously a football stadium, but the seating isn't nearly as bad as we thought it would be and the scoreboard is top notch. Unfortunately for the Marlins they are not the main tenants at the stadium so there was a lot of construction going on in and out of the building in preparation for the Dolphins upcoming season.

With all the talk of the Marlins needing a new stadium or moving we came away with the feeling that they just need to play somewhere near the city. Dolphins Stadium is located in Opa Locka about 20 minutes from downtown Miami. This is fine for 8 Sundays a year and the Orange Bowl, but who wants to make that trek on a Tuesday night? The attendance was poor, but the group that was there was lively as it was Latin Night. Being this far south I had to try the Cuban Sandwich. Too much mustard, but pretty good.

Thanks again to Matt Britten for hooking us up big time.

Scott Kazmir vs. Eric Bedard tomorrow in Tampa.


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