Day 56

- 30 -

Being back in California is great for the simple reason that you can wake up and go to the Juanbertos for breakfast. We sucked down some burritos just before Mom showed up to take us to get the tailgating supplies.

A little while after we got back from the store, Nan, Margo, Ash, & her friend Tyler arrived at the house. Nan surprised us with shirts bearing the MLRT '06 logo that Doug had made up. They looked great and were a big hit with everyone at the game.

We had three parking passes in the tailgate lot, which opened 2.5 hours before the game, so we loaded up at 4pm and rolled down to the ballpark. We got set up right across from the trolley station and got the grill going immediately.

Everyone filed in at different times and in the end we had a group of 40 people gathered. We sat in left field under the scoreboard near the Western Metal Building and kind of took over the area as everyone not wearing the Blue shirt moved to other seating areas.

The Padres fell 1-0, but having all of our family and friends around was the perfect way to finish up the trip. A big thanks to Nan for organizing everyone and getting the group together and a big thanks to everyone that came out and joined us.

What a trip. We're done.


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