Dan McKay


Two Cousins Take a trip

Our love affair with the game started out as kids going to the ballpark with our family and has evolved over the years to a passion that clouds our judgement so much that a trip like this seems normal.

Between vacations and business trips, Ty's Dad, Jim, was able visit every Major League ballpark over the course of 10 years. That and a Mastercard commercial sparked the thought. Some extensive planning and a lot of generosity later and it was a reality.

Over the course of 56 days we lived out every baseball fans dream. Not only did we make it to all 30 MLB parks, but we saw 9 minor league games, stopped by the College World Series, and visited the hallowed ground of Cooperstown, the Field of Dreams, and the Louisville Slugger factory. We also visited 37 states and saw America in one of the most unique ways, through the prism of the national pastime.

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