Angel Stadium

Anaheim, CA

Architecture - 7

After going from an open stadium to an enclosed stadium and back to an open stadium it's got a pretty good look. Personally I'm not a fan of the rock pile in CF, but it's better than looking at the triple deck of seats that was there during the Rams days. The entry way to the main gate has the recognizable giant hats and a regulation size infield. A nice touch is a brick at every position for each opening day starter in Angels history. The renovations couldn't allow for open concourses, but wide plaza areas make for an easy time getting around.

Location/Surrounding Area - 5

Not much to speak of, but nothing is all that far away, just not a lot within walking distance.

Food - 6.5

Good variety and the Super Dog was pretty good.

Fan Support/Knowledge - 9

A lot of red in the house. It was another sell out for the Angels on Big Bang Friday. Not all the fans knew what was going on, but they did continue to cheer throughout the entrie game even though they were behind from the 3rd inning on. They also didn't have to be prompted to make noise in obvious sitations like our friends in Arizona.

Atmosphere - 9

Not your classic baseball fare, but entertaining non the less. Minus one for the rally monkey.

In-Game Entertainment - 7

A LOT of videos. In fact that's all there was. No in-game MC and minimal fan interaction, but fun videos and a couple good spots getting to know the players. The "ball" race keeps a yearly tally of wins, which we liked. The music for each player was a little off, but at least the sound system was good and their "Calling All Angels" intro video gives you the feel that this team has a lot of tradition when, in fact, they do not.

Scoreboard - 9

All digital with very few static graphics. Very modern and interesting, but lacking the classic touches associated with baseball. Having two video boards makes it easy for everyone in the stadium to see and we really liked the way they incorporated the players stats with the runline and lineup.

Parking/Transportation - 8

Easy to get in and was fairly easy to get out from the Orangewood side of the stadium. It helped that it was fireworks night so a lot of the crowd stayed that.

Seating - 6.5

Seats down the lines aren't angled and there is a lack of seats behind home plate (where they put in a resturant instead), but we sat at the very top of the view level right behind the plate and were pleased with our view.

X-Factor/Bonus - 7.5

A good overall feel for a game in California. Wish the seats would actually be occupied for first pitch though.

TOTAL - 74.5/100

It was a nice homecoming for someone that spent a great deal of his childhood at this stadium before it was cool to do so (and before they were drawing 3 million fans a year). Say what you want about Disney's tenure as owners, but they've taken what was one of the least baseball friendly ballparks and turned it into a nice place to see a game.

  • Architecture 7

  • Location/Surrounding Area 5

  • Food 6.5

  • Fan Support/Knowledge 9

  • Atmosphere 9

  • In-Game Entertainment 7

  • Scoreboard 9

  • Parking/Transportation 8

  • Seating 6.5

  • X-Factor/Bonus 7.5