AT&T Park

San Francisco, CA

Architecture - 9.5

Like everything else in San Francisco the ballpark is squeezed into a small space. Even taking this into account they did a great job of fitting everything together. The origional plan for the ballpark was to have the open end facing the San Francisco skyline and the Bay Bridge, but wind tunnel studies found that this would have made the park even worse than Candelstick. Turning it around allowed the ballpark to act as a windshield and allow for a much fairer playing field. It also caused a number of design issues as space became even more compacted. Another obstacle was the strict building codes in effect ever since the '89 quake. To comply with these the entire ballpark is built of steel and concrete, but a veneer of brick is applied to aide it in blending in with the landscape.

Location/Surrounding Area - 9.5

The ballpark has revitalized the China Basin area of the city which now boast a great deal of luxury condos, shops, resturants, and business.

Food - 9.5

Lots of local specialties such as Garlic Fries, Clam Chowder, Anchor Steam beer, and a large selection of wines. We sat in the field box section and indulged in in-seat food service. Clam Chowder in a bread bowl isn't traditional ballpark fare, but it was excellent.

Fan Support/Knowledge - 7

Lots of fans, but a lot of them were there to be seen more than to watch the game. Still a decent group.

Atmosphere - 8

Great place to catch a ballgame. The ballpark feels much older than it actaully is, but fan support hurts here a little bit.

In-Game Entertainment - 8

Good use of the mascot and a lot of fun interactive videos. The Cracker Jack toss during the 7th inning stretch was a nice touch, especially if you snag a bag like we did.

Scoreboard - 9

The Video Board is a smaller for a new park, but the matrix board is gigantic and they put it to good use with tons of stats and great graphics. The ribbon boards that surround the seating area are great. They display the speed of each pitch as well as the current pitch count, out of town scores, and switch between ads and league leaders. The Giants incorporate the SF skyline into just about every graphic, which we liked.

Parking/Transportation - 8.5

We had a parking pass, but had no intention of using it. For $1.50 the Muni drops you off right in front of the ballpark.

Seating - 9

Seats are wide and offer ample leg room. Seats in the View level offer amazing views of the surrounding area. Luxury boxes were kept to a minimum so all seats are close to the field and offer great views of the game. The dugouts are also extremely close to the field (48 feet) so the fans in the lower level are right on top of the field. We sat 3 rows behind the visitors dugout, bring a glove.

X-Factor/Bonus - 10

Amazing seats which allowed us to be right in the action and an overall great place to catch a ballgame. They're doing everything right up in SF.

TOTAL - 88/100

  • Architecture 9.5

  • Location/Surrounding Area 9.5

  • Food 9.5

  • Fan Support/Knowledge 7

  • Atmosphere 8

  • In-Game Entertainment 8

  • Scoreboard 9

  • Parking/Transportation 8.5

  • Seating 9

  • X-Factor/Bonus 10