Chase Field

Phoenix, AZ

Architecture - 7

From the outside Chase looks like a giant airplane hanger. Being the middle of summer, the roof remained closed and it felt like watching a baseball game in a giant airplane hanger. The fact that it only takes 4 minutes for the giant roof to open is amazing so it scores points there. The open concourses allow you to watch the game when you're not in your seat, but the vast amount of vendors blocking your view makes it tougher to see the field. The pool in right center is very well known and unique, but no one was actually swimming in it.

Location/Surrounding Area - 4.5

Downtown Phoenix leaves a lot to be desired. There are some restuarants and bars in the area, but overall it's pretty bare.

Food - 6.5

Good variety with chain restaurants such as McDonalds, Blimpies, Panda Express and Peter Piper Pizza. They also had a stand that served wings, a personal favorite. The highlight is Fridays Front Row which hangs over the left field grandstand. Like a normal TGI Fridays it is open 365 days a year and on gamedays you can buy a ticket to sit out on the patio. Desserts are plentiful with Cold Stone Creamery, Krispy Kreme, and Carmel Apples all around the ballpark. Good variety overall, but the lack of local flavors knocks it a little bit.

Fan Support/Knowledge - 3

Absolutely brutal!!! Terrible attendance for two first place clubs, a huge visiting team contingent, and overall lack of knowledge from the majority of fans we encountered. The D-Backs didn't give the home fans much to cheer about, but the early exits from the sparse crowd made it even worse. The sympathy cheer when the D-Backs scored their lone run in the 9th was unnecessary. I can't even talk about this anymore.

Atmosphere - 5

The fan support was a killer, but they do all the right things as far as music and tradition is concerned.

In-Game Entertainment - 7

Really liked the Ketchup, Mustard, Relish race and they use of the Mascot and field MC well, but we had the best seats in the house, directly behind homeplate, and couldn't make out much of what was being said. For that they lose a point.

Scoreboard - 6

For a post-camden ballpark the video board is somewhat small. They make good use of it with graphically pleasing designs and good replays.

Parking/Transportation - 10

Easiest entry and exit of any stadium we've ever been to. Parking is cheap and plentiful. Chase sits between two major freeways so getting there couldn't be easier.

Seating - 7.5

All the seats are angled towards the field. The upper deck is fairly steep, but allows the fans to be closer to the field. The overhang in center field makes for an interesting view and puts you right on top of the action. Tickets are relatively cheap as well. Good all around.

X-Factor/Bonus - 8

Great seats courtesy of Rigel Corp, good times with the family, start of the trip, and little Bo's first game. All around a great time.

TOTAL - 64.5/100

The ballpark serves it's purpose and facilitates baseball in 100+ degree weather, but the lack of fan support even when the team is in first place and the generic layout hurts it a bit. An engineering marvel, but a fairly average ballpark in our opinion.

  • Architecture 7

  • Location/Surrounding Area 4.5

  • Food 6.5

  • Fan Support/Knowledge 3

  • Atmosphere 5

  • In-Game Entertainment 7

  • Scoreboard 6

  • Parking/Transportation 10

  • Seating 7.5

  • X-Factor/Bonus 8