Comerica Park

Detroit, MI

Architecture - 9

The outside of the ballpark is great as it really embraces the Tiger's logo with the giant tiger sculptures all around and the tiger heads on the walls. The statues of Tiger greats in the Left-Center walkway is also a nice touch and all the historical touches in the concourses makes you appreciate the history of the franchise.. The only thing that brings it down is that there is too much foul territory.

Location/Surrounding Area - 6

Downtown Detroit is still fairly dilapidated, but it is getting better with Comerica and Ford Field being right there. Hockeytown and the Fox Theater are right across the street.

Food - 6.5

Limited options, but their normal ballpark fare was decent. Prices are a little high.

Fan Support/Knowledge - 7.5

With the Tigers back in 1st there was a great crowd of almost 30K for a Thursday day game. The fans that were there were loud and stayed through the whole game.

Atmosphere - 7

Similar to a lot of ballparks, but still a good place to see a game.

In-Game Entertainment - 6

A couple of interactive things here and there, but nothing spectacular.

Scoreboard - 6

Good sized videoboard, but the graphics were dull and there wasn't a lot of variety.

Parking/Transportation - 7

Lots of spots, but it was terrible to get out with the big fireworks show that night eating up traffic. We're told it's "usually not this bad", but we've heard that before.

Seating - 8

Not a bad seat in the house. We liked that the second level of suites didn't extend all the way around the ballpark and allowed the seats down the right field line to be lower to the field. We were confused by the mix of seats and bleachers in the right field area, but the price was right and we liked the picnic style seating that they have around the lower bowl.

X-Factor/Bonus - 7.5

Great weather and a fun young team make for a good day out at the yard.

TOTAL - 70.5/100

  • Architecture 9

  • Location/Surrounding Area 6

  • Food 6.5

  • Fan Support/Knowledge 7.5

  • Atmosphere 7

  • In-Game Entertainment 6

  • Scoreboard 6

  • Parking/Transportation 7

  • Seating 8

  • X-Factor/Bonus 7.5