Coors Field

Denver, CO

Architecture - 7.5

Yet another post-Camden ballpark, but if it isn't broken, don't fix it. If they hadn't added the Rockpile section in CF the place would have a much more open feel. The mountain landscape around the batters eye and the bullpens is a nice touch, especially since it isn't plastic like in Anaheim.

Location/Surrounding Area - 8.5

Located right in the heart of downtown Denver. A lot of good restaurants, bars, and hotels within walking distance.

Food - 8

Lots of choices and prices that won't kill ya.

Fan Support/Knowledge - 8

The announced crowd was in the mid-20s, but it seemed like there were a lot more than that. A good showing for a Monday night.

Atmosphere - 7.5

Very similar to SafeCo. Good place to see a game, but not transcendent.

In-Game Entertainment - 5.5

Not much going on and hardly any fan interaction after the pre-game show.

Scoreboard - 10

One good sized video board for live action replays and highlight videos and a giant video board for the lineups, box scores, past results, and stats. Great motion and static graphics. Best we've seen so far. Out of town scoreboard is located along the right field wall and is hand operated, which is a nice old timey touch.

Parking/Transportation - 8.5

Easy access from a couple of freeways and two big parking lots, a rarity for downtown ballparks. We paid the $10 and parked pretty close to the ballpark. There are also ample privately run parking lots surrounding the ballpark. Easy out after the game. Good experience overall.

Seating - 7.5

Every seat is angled towards homeplate and there aren't a lot of seats in the upper deck. The row of purple seats in the upper deck are placed at exactly one mile above sea level. Our only complaints are that the rows in the lower bowl should be raised just slightly to make it easier to see around the person in front of you. The Rockpile is bench seating, but so is the entire left field/center field seating area. It'd be nice to see actual seats out there. If you sit down the right field line, take a hat or sunglasses because the sun will shine directly in your eyes until about the 8pm.

X-Factor/Bonus - 6.5

The weather was perfect, another great pitching performance (from the unlikeliest of candidates), and they gave us coupons for a free large Papa Johns pizza. The downs were the first two ushers we encountered took their batting practice duties much too seriously and on the way in Dan got wanded like a terrorist at the airport.

TOTAL - 77.5/100


  • Architecture 7.5

  • Location/Surrounding Area 8.5

  • Food 8

  • Fan Support/Knowledge 8

  • Atmosphere 7.5

  • In-Game Entertainment 5.5

  • Scoreboard 10

  • Parking/Transportation 8.5

  • Seating 7.5

  • X-Factor/Bonus 6.5