Dodger Stadium

Los Angeles, CA

Architecture - 7.5

Old school. The place was built in the 50s and still holds up today. Sometimes classic is classic.

Location/Surrounding Area - 5

Being isolated up at the top of Chavez Revine doesn't leave for a lot of surrounding area, but you're right off downtown LA. One of the gates is even the terminus of the famed Sunset Boulevard so it's got that going for it.

Food - 8

You're in LA and every culture is represented. Sure the Dodger Dog is highly overrated but like the Fenway Frank it's an institution.

Fan Support/Knowledge - 6

The usually fickle fans of Los Angeles earned their reputation here at Dodger Stadium. If they're good, then it'll be packed. On this Sunday day game the crowd was sparse.

Atmosphere - 8

There's just something about Dodger Stadium that makes you feel like you're at the ballpark. It's been rennovated but it doesn't have many of the corporate trappings of the most recently built stadiums. The stadium holds up today and gives you a sense of what it might have been like to walk through the doors when the Dodgers were the only team west of the Mississippi.

In-Game Entertainment - 6

Understated with a great organ. I'm sold.

Scoreboard - 3

Small and no HD. The classic board in right field is a nice touch.

Parking/Transportation - 6

Tons of parking. Not a good space to be found. If you're close to the stadium, it's gonna take you forever to get out. If you're in the last spot in the place, it's gonna take you forever to get out. But it's a good place to tailgate.

Seating - 6.5

Plenty of seats and if you're not in the very upper nosebleeds then you've got a pretty good view.

X-Factor/Bonus - 8

It's got a classic feel and reminds you of the things that made America fall in love with the game.

TOTAL - 64/100

  • Architecture 7.5

  • Location/Surrounding Area 5

  • Food 8

  • Fan Support/Knowledge 6

  • Atmosphere 8

  • In-Game Entertainment 6

  • Scoreboard 3

  • Parking/Transportation 6

  • Seating 6.5

  • X-Factor/Bonus 8