Jacobs Field

Cleveland, OH

Architecture - 7

Classic styling mixed with the modern amenities. We didn't like the large amount of suites (give the seats to the real fans), but liked the bleacher section and the picnic area in centerfield.

Location/Surrounding Area - 8

There's a lot to do before and after the game in downtown Cleveland if you enjoy an adult beverage.

Food - 8.5

Pretty wide selection, but we recommend getting something that requires mustard because it was excellent.

Fan Support/Knowledge - 6

They didn't sell out with the Yankees in town, which is unusual. The fans were out of it most of the game with the visiting team jumping out to a big lead, but they did sell the place out for more than 400 consecutive games so we can't downgrade them too much.

Atmosphere - 6

Not bad.

In-Game Entertainment - 7

They try their best with the two in game MCs that they have, but it was a little too slap-sticky for our taste. Good fan interaction though.

Scoreboard - 10

Huge board with great graphics and tons of information. One of the best we've seen.

Parking/Transportation - 8

Lots of parking in the surrounding area and it was cheap.

Seating - 6

Too many luxury boxes make the upper deck too high. We sat in RF and the tickets were pricey.

X-Factor/Bonus - 6

They opened up the gates 2.5 hours before the game (a half hour earlier than normal) because of the large crowd. Saw a grand slam. Had a good time.

TOTAL - 72.5/100

  • Architecture 7

  • Location/Surrounding Area 8

  • Food 8.5

  • Fan Support/Knowledge 6

  • Atmosphere 6

  • In-Game Entertainment 7

  • Scoreboard 10

  • Parking/Transportation 8

  • Seating 6

  • X-Factor/Bonus 6