McAfee Coliseum

Oakland, CA

Architecture - 2

A concrete monolith that we're told felt like a ballpark before the Raiders moved back and closed in the stadium.

Location/Surrounding Area - 3

Giant parking lot and the Arena are the only things within walking distance of the stadium. At least they allow tailgating.

Food - 2

Bad selection and only about a third of the concession stands were open. We sat in the Right Field Bleacher section and had to walk all the way around to first base just to get a soda. On top of that everything is overpriced. Tailgate before or bring your own grub.

Fan Support/Knowledge - 6

Not a big group, but the people that were there were all clad in A's gear. A good blue-collar crowd. We could do without the horns and drum banging, but to each his own.

Atmosphere - 3

Feels like you're watching a baseball game in a football stadium, because you are. Blocking off the top level of seats doesn't change that.

In-Game Entertainment - 5

Good videos of the players advertising the upcoming promotional dates. Traditional video board games such as the Dot Race and Hat Shuffle.

Scoreboard - 3.5

Video board is small and the matrix board is blurry. At least there are two of them so everyone in the stadium can see them.

Parking/Transportation - 9

The BART connects directly to Gate C of McAfee and the parking is lot is huge. We got there early before the parking people were set up so we didn't have to pay.

Seating - 4

Traditionally the A's lead the league in walkup sales and in an effort to discourage this and up advanced sales they have placed giant green tarps over the entire view level. They didn't remove the tarps for the Yankees or Giants series and have no plans to do so even for the playoffs. This brings capacity to the lowest in the big leagues at just over 34K. The seats down the lines are the worst in the majors as they are extremely far from the playing field. If you get there early the $10 general admission bleacher section is the way to go.

X-Factor/Bonus - 3

We love the team on the field, but the stadium is a nightmare.

TOTAL - 40.5/100

  • Architecture 2

  • Location/Surrounding Area 3

  • Food 2

  • Fan Support/Knowledge 6

  • Atmosphere 3

  • In-Game Entertainment 5

  • Scoreboard 3.5

  • Parking/Transportation 9

  • Seating 4

  • X-Factor/Bonus 3