HHH Metrodome

Minneapolis, MN

Architecture - 2

It gets a 2 because it is still standing, other than that... oh the roof is held up by air pressure.

Location/Surrounding Area - 3

The Twins do a good job with the area immediately surrounding the dome, but downtown Minneapolis leaves a lot to be desired.

Food - 4

The hot dogs are giant and the condiment options are plentiful, but variety is limited and what is that neon green relish looking stuff???

Fan Support/Knowledge - 7

We thought the crowd would be a little bigger for a Friday night game with Johan on the mound, but the 30+ that were there made a lot of noise and cheered without being promted.

Atmosphere - 4

Tough to watch a ballgame in a dome.

In-Game Entertainment - 5

Average. The in-game MC had good energy.

Scoreboard - 1.5

Small, old, uninspired, terrible.

Parking/Transportation - 1

It was only $5, that's the only good thing to say about it. Traffic was a nightmare.

Seating - 1

Overpriced for the most part and even the most expensive seats aren't very good.

X-Factor/Bonus - 1

If you have an upper deck ticket you aren't even allowed downstairs. Not to walk around, not for batting practice, not for anything. Get a new stadium quick and figure out how to treat your fans like fans.

TOTAL - 29.5/100

  • Architecture 2

  • Location/Surrounding Area 3

  • Food 4

  • Fan Support/Knowledge 7

  • Atmosphere 4

  • In-Game Entertainment 5

  • Scoreboard 1.5

  • Parking/Transportation 1

  • Seating 1

  • X-Factor/Bonus 1