Petco Park

San Diego, CA

Architecture - 9

The place looks a lot like the other new ballparks that have popped up in recent years but the Padres took great care to incorporate a lot of local touches. First, and most obvious, is the Western Metal Building. A registered historical building, there was no way to tear it down and limited space in which to build the ballpark. So they made it the right field foul pole. The building also incorporates a lot of sandstone to mimic the cliffs in nearby La Jolla, a nice local touch.

Location/Surrounding Area - 9.5

Right next to the Gaslamp district in the heart of America's Finest City? Sold.

Food - 8

Lotta mexican flair and asian influenced fare.

Fan Support/Knowledge - 7

People were fired up for this one. The Padres have been competetive of late and the support has been great.

Atmosphere - 7.5

A great family athmosphere is fostered by the "Park-in-the-Park" and sandbox area in centerfield. Who isn't in a good mood when they're in San Diego?

In-Game Entertainment - 7

Good tunes keep you goin and information plastered around the stadium keeps you informed. The Pad Squad and the best mascot on the west coast keep it fun.

Scoreboard - 9.5

Big, new and HD. Nice graphics too. We sat directly under the scoreboard this game so we're going on previous knowledge.

Parking/Transportation - 6.5

Limited parking like a lot of downtown ballparks, but considering the location it's not very pricey. Great (for the west coast) public transportation options.

Seating - 9

Great angles and a ton of awesome standing room only areas allow you to roam the park and never miss a pitch.

X-Factor/Bonus - 10

It was our final game of the roadie and in our home ballpark. Add in that we had a ton of family there and there was no way this wasn't getting a 10.

TOTAL - 83/100

  • Architecture 9

  • Location/Surrounding Area 9.5

  • Food 8

  • Fan Support/Knowledge 7

  • Atmosphere 7.5

  • In-Game Entertainment 7

  • Scoreboard 9.5

  • Parking/Transportation 6.5

  • Seating 9

  • X-Factor/Bonus 10