PNC Park

Pittsburgh, PA

Architecture - 9.5

The view is spectacular. It doesn't even look real when you're sitting in the ballpark, it looks like someone painted a backdrop. The yellow stone is a nice change from all the brick used in the other post-camden parks and has a nice tie in with the teams color scheme. The Roberto Clemente bridge adds a great backdrop and makes the park easily accesible from the South Shore.

Location/Surrounding Area - 8.5

Heinz Field is right next door and a couple bars and resturants have sprung up on the North Shore area. Downtown is easy to get to by walking over one of the many bridges and offers many options in the way of food.

Food - 10

This is really a 10+. We had been wowed by the food at Safeco, but PNC took it to a whole new level. They had everything (except Sushi) and everything we tried was top notch. Great local flavor with Quaker Steak, Primanti Brothers, and many local brews. Great all the way around.

Fan Support/Knowledge - 6

Tough to support a club that had lost 13 in a row, but they sure are excited about the All-Star game. Smaller crowd, but the day game had a lot to do with that. Most were troopers and stayed even after the rain delay and were rewarded with a great finish.

Atmosphere - 8

A great place to see a game. If the product on the field was decent this would easily be a 10.

In-Game Entertainment - 10

Great fan interaction and lots of giveaways. The videos were good and playing the 1994 All Star Game (the last in Pittsburgh) made the rain delay seem short.

Scoreboard - 9

Having a different graphic or video for each players at bat was a nice touch. Great motion and static graphics.

Parking/Transportation - 9

Lots of spaces on the north shore and a decent amount on the south shore if it wasn't a weekday day game.

Seating - 10

A very intimate setting mixed with a great view and cheap prices makes for a good experience all around.

X-Factor/Bonus - 6.5

We can't say enoguh good things about the experience at PNC. Most people don't know about it yet, but the All-Star Game should change that.

TOTAL - 90/100

  • Architecture 9.5

  • Location/Surrounding Area 8.5

  • Food 10

  • Fan Support/Knowledge 6

  • Atmosphere 8

  • In-Game Entertainment 10

  • Scoreboard 9

  • Parking/Transportation 9

  • Seating 10

  • X-Factor/Bonus 10