US Cellular Field

Chicago, IL

Architecture - 5

The outside of the ballpark is vast, but seems too industrial. If your ticket is in the Upper Deck you can't go to the main level, we hate that.

Location/Surrounding Area - 2

South side of Chicago. Enough said.

Food - 4.5

Nothing special, but not terrible.

Fan Support/Knowledge - 8


Atmosphere - 9

Winning a World Championship sure brings out the fans.

In-Game Entertainment - 5

Too much "Punch AJ" (their slogan for getting catcher AJ Pierzynski into the All Star game). The cheerleaders weren't as good looking as other ballparks, but who doesn't like cheerleaders.

Scoreboard - 9

HD quality board with great graphics. Plus our names and website address were up there, thanks Nan. The top looks like the famous Bill Veeck design of Comiskey park.

Parking/Transportation - 6.5

Luckily we parked in the lot nearest the stadium and didn't have to walk through the neighborhood. The Red Line comes right to the ballpark and is definitely the way to go.

Seating - 6.5

Upper deck relegation sucks. The Upper deck is pretty high up there and prices are fairly high.

X-Factor/Bonus - 6.5

Not bad, not great.

TOTAL - 60/100

  • Architecture 5

  • Location/Surrounding Area 2

  • Food 4.5

  • Fan Support/Knowledge 9

  • Atmosphere 6

  • In-Game Entertainment 5

  • Scoreboard 9

  • Parking/Transportation 6.5

  • Seating 6.5

  • X-Factor/Bonus 6.5